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If these smiling faces above didn´t convince you yet, that traveling the "Viatorius way" is THE way to explore Germany and Europe, you will find many testimonials to read below...

=> We are always happy to put you in touch with our former tour guests, to have a chat and hear what they say about travelling with us. Please contact us for further information.

~ Many thanks to our tour guests for letting us publish their great touring photos & reviews ~

Dear Fellow Traveler,

I cannot recommend Markus Germann and Viatorius Tours enough. We know that any trip you place with him, especially in Germany, will have depth and imagination along with high-quality service throughout the trip.

My wife and I understand this is a financial commitment. We understand it is a little scary to send money overseas and cross your fingers and hope for the best.
That is exactly what we and the couple we travel with decided to do.
Markus should be able to give you other traveler’s names and numbers who toured with him in the past and you'll be able to make a decision more calmly after speaking with them.
That is the path we chose.
Markus was able to personalize our trip so we could visit our ancestral lands and visit with the descendants of our common ancestors.
For me that was the highlight of the trip as I am doing the family genealogy.

But Markus's plans really covered all of Germany for us based on our initial request to him. Of course our requests could've taken as long as a month to cover. Markus was able to hit the most important things on our list and give us excellent reasons for his decisions.

To say the accommodations were superb is an understatement. We stayed for 10 days in Germany and did a circular route around the entire country.
Every hotel room and breakfast room was way above what we thought would rate four or five star in the United States. This of course was all included in the price.

The depth of understanding of German culture is what we were seeking.
Markus hired two specialists to take us through the cities of Berlin and Munich. They handled all of our questions and added great insight into the history and culture of Germany.

So what you might ask is different from Viatorius and Cosmos Tours?
If you really want to begin to understand thousands of years of German history and culture you cannot do that flying by a city at 100 miles per hour. You need someone who is immersed in the culture, language, and daily life. That is what makes Viatorius so special!

I'm a bit of a history fan and asked quite a few questions of both guides and Markus. No one stumbled or gave anything but carefully thought out responses.
This is a more expensive way of seeing Germany in the short run. But we feel that we have a much clearer understanding of the German society and won't have to make several more trips because of that depth of knowledge.
So we paid a little more since our meals in the evening were not included but we received so much more by having someone there to interpret and explain all that was around us.
I might also add they were great listeners. So many trips we've been on where you had the feeling the traveler was on the tour guides schedule, not so with Viatorius.

Hopefully this short note will remove most doubts that you might have about how well this will go.
My wife and I will be happy to answer any questions that you might have. Markus is free to give you our phone number and/or email so that we might remove any hesitations you may have.
Have a great trip!

Dennis and Linda Ricke

Dear Markus,

I had a great time on my recent trip to Germany. You did an excellent job planning the route based on the places that I wanted to see and added excellent recommendations as well.
Two of the highlights of the trip were places I would never have thought to visit, the Blooming Gardens of Mainau and Cecilienhof Palace in Potsdam.
The trip was very good value for money and the flexibility is priceless.
On several occasions, I ran out of time and couldn't see all of the places I wanted to visit in one day. That was no problem. I just went first thing in the morning the next day and we left for our next destination two hours later that morning. I could never have done that on a regular bus tour.
We also stopped at lovely towns, such as Erfurt, on the way to the next destination, which was an additional bonus.
Of course, the comfort level was superior being in a luxurious Mercedes rather than packed into a bus with 50 people.
The hotels were all very clean and well located, and you were very good about making sure we found restaurants that met my primarily vegetarian diet.

I had such a good time, that I am already researching an itinerary for another trip to Germany with you in the near future!




Hallo Markus,
I hope you are doing well.
First, I want to say what a wonderful trip we had.  We appreciate all the work you did in planning it and being flexible to change as we saw fit- a HUGE advantage of your tour.
The hotels you picked were great- clean, quiet and much better than any chain rooms we had.  The sites were wonderful, the tours of Munich and Berlin informative and fun and the food was delicious.  Not to mention the beer!
Please feel free to use us as a reference for any future prospective tours.  We thoroughly enjoyed touring with you.


Dear Markus

I surely want to thank you for our wonderful tour through Germany and Prague.
It could hardly have been better!
I so appreciated all the humor we shared,  the safe driving on the Auto-bahn, your great ability to find parking spaces and to then park, the lovely hotels in which we stayed and of course, the food we enjoyed.
Thank you , thank you for all of it.
Highlights were Speyer, the Reichstag bubble, the Italian restaurant in Fussen, watching all of you summer bob-sled and Lindenhof castle. There were many others, but those stand out in my memory.

Sincerely, Eunice

...and shared via our facebook site:
Markus and his company are just fantastic. It's like having a long-lost relative in Germany drive you around. I spent ten days with this man, and we're still on speaking terms. If you're headed to Germany, check into VIATORIUS TOURS GERMANY and tell 'em Andy sent you!


Thank you for a wonderful trip!
The Pretzel Fest, amphitheater in the hills, technik museum & cream puffs were special memories we could not have created without your knowledge and guidance.
Thank you!

Thank you for giving us a wonderful first experience outside the States. We admire your devoation towards your job. You were not only an excellent guide but a friend. Thank you so much!
Becky, Ray, Glen and Chuck


Mary Palme      (copied from our facebook site)
Dear future Germany travelers,Please do not hesitate to book your tour with Viatorius Tours.
Marcus took us to places that were amazing and magical.
The castles were beyond belief as were the cathedrals. The Alps were breathtaking and Marcus planned a very special surprise for my daughters - zip lining through the Alps!
He also planned other fun activities (luging, sledding down the salt mine, GIANT creme puffs and more)…..
This trip was fun and entertaining and educational and comfortable, the food was always delicious and the shopping was fun too!
All of the hotels that we stayed at were above and beyond any expectations.
Marcus made this trip unforgettable for the whole family and really went out of his way to make sure that everybody had the vacation of a lifetime.
You just could not possibly get the same experience with a tour bus or trying to navigate it on your own, there were other visitors that we met who would actually take our guide Marcus aside to ask him questions.
So, without any hesitation, I recommend Viatorius Tours to anyone who wants to have an amazing trip through Germany and would be more than happy to give reference as we will be returning to tour more of Germany some day and will only book with Marcus.
Marcus, thank you - you know how much you mean to our family and we know that you will be wildly successful in your business because you are an amazing person and go above and beyond. 
Cheers Marcus and thank you - we'll be back!


We wanted a tour that was flexible, traveling with children 2, 5 & 8.  Viatorius tours gave us the most amazing trip – one that we will never forget!   Amazing places, boutique accommodation, exquisite ‘German’ restaurants, a knowledgeable and friendly, fun guide!  
From our first enquiry we received professional response but nothing prepared us for the service and amazingly friendly & personal service that awaited us!  
Anyone & everyone should travel Germany with Viatorious tours.  If we can do it in an unseasonably cold spring with 3 kids in tow and have the time of our lives – anyone can!  We will tell everyone in Australia about your company and thank you for an amazing ‘adventure’.
-Michael & Andrea Egan

=> This tour was arranged in collaboration with:
Dean Tuckwell
The Adventure Traveller |197 Latrobe Terrace |Paddington QLD 4064 | Australia
Phone: +61 7 3369 0799 | Toll Free: 1800 181 020 | Gold Coast: +61 7 56070994
Fax: +61 7 3369 0788 |


Dear Marcus,
I would like to thank you very much for organising a great trip for us all.  We all had a wonderful time and the bus you organised was perfect with plenty of room.

Pete was an exceptionally good guide and at times was put under quite a lot of pressure in finding parking and getting us to destinations which did not have very wide roads, eg back allies at hotels etc.  We could not say enough positive things about Pete as he was always putting us first in all situations eg he would drive us to our place of interest then we would let us out and he would then go and find a park for the bus and then would run back not to keep us waiting a moment longer than necessary.  He took us to great restaurants and sometimes this involved driving some distance which at the end of the day would have been pretty taxing, never showed any reluctance and always in a happy and fun disposition. Pete was very kind and compassionate at all times and was very obliging especially when Jenny had to find medical help.
He found hospitals and doctors to take her to which he did happily.

Pete had a great knowledge of the history of your country which was so enlightening for us all, and of course his English was fantastic which was always put to the test when we had to order meals from a German menu.

I personally think we put a little too much in our itinerary but that was our choice of course with the addition of the farms after the first itinerary was organised made some of our days quite long and days on the road longer than we anticipated.  Germany is much bigger than we imagined!!  We travelled a lot more kilometres than expected.  All this being our decision making not yours and you did try to get us to leave some areas out.

We saw some wonderful cities, great buildings, castles, churches and lovely green countryside.  We enjoyed our city guided tours, lots of history to absorb and buildings to admire. Our trips to the farms in the north were definitely worth it....great hosts and full of information for the men.

Our stay in the countryside in the Speyer area (can't remember the town) was a highlight as the owner was very friendly and was more than happy to spend time with us and show us around the farm..... Great choice.

Marcus, thank you once again for planning a great holiday for us in Germany and we would certainly recommend your company to anyone at all.  It was far the best way to travel as we basically did our own thing.   We would probably like to go to the UK next ...are you opening a business over there soon??? would be very well received I'm sure.

We all came home a few kgs heavier, having eaten lots of snitzels and pork knuckles and apple strudels !!!   But they were very nice.

All the best Marcus, you have a great tour company and the concept is the way to go.

Kind regards, Marcia.


Thank you for a great tour!
We felt like we were being guided by a friendly relative who wanted us to appreciate his country.  We did the tour based on the itinerary adjusted according to the weather and spiced with little surprises that made the trip fun. Instead of a one country trip, we slipped into two more and got to taste French cuisine. Since Markus knows all the good places to eat, we never got to the snacks that we all had brought along.
Usually at the end of a trip you are ready to go home, I wanted to stay longer to enjoy more of the fun and beauty of Germany.
Bobbe Fitzgibbon
Tour with 5 guests from the USA

I know I speak for all of us that if it was not for your terrific services we would not have enjoyed ourselves as much as we did.
Germany is a beautiful country and your expertise only enhanced the experience. 
The choices of hotels, sites and restaurants were perfect.
We have not stopped talking about our trip and tell everyone about your services.  If you ever need a reference or someone has a question about your services, we will be more than happy to share our experience with them.
I cannot thank you enough for making our first (hopefully not the last)   trip to Germany perfect!
Theresa Pezak
Family of 4 from the US

Family Pezak won the Times Traveler price with their trip to Germany with Viatorius Tours!
Read the full article by following this link


I can't begin to thank you enough for such a memorable vacation and fun vacation.  I loved every minute of it.
Our tour was in fact "The Perfect Germany Tour" as we enjoy telling all our friends and family. We enjoyed your company as much as we enjoyed the beautiful sights and activities of the tour. You have set a high standard for our future tours that will never be equaled until we come back to Germany for another tour with you.
Gus & Fay from St. Louis , USA                            14 days customized tour


I should say, I really enjoyed touring with Viatorius Tours.It was a trip for the fall break with my parents. It was great that we could travel on our own pace and the holidays became what a real vacation should be like. My dad did not have the pressure of trying to keep up with the rest of the tour group like in the typical group tours, and my mom was able to leisurely visit the Christmas boutiques we would pass by, as she wished.
As for me, what I liked the most was having a genuine German local take us around who made sure that we wouldn't fall for the tourist traps (i.e. taking us to the best local restaurants instead of touristic restaurants).
Markus knowledgeable and patiently answered all our questions as we asked about the German history and culture, my mom further about the plants we would see, and my dad about the dogs and cars along the way, absolutely anything under the sun!
Oh, and I appreciate that the tour was really flexible. We had a last minute emergency back home and the tour was adjusted to our schedule without any fuss. It was a great trip. Stress-free yet we got to see a lot of Germany.
I recommend touring with Viatorius Tours!


Where do we start in expressing our thoughts about the wonderful time we recently had touring Germany. We were in Einbeck as part of a delegation from our home town and because we were there, we figured that it was the perfect time to tour Germany. We went on-line and researched German tours. Fortunately we came upon Viatorius Tours of Germany. We worked closely with Markus to create our own personalized 10-day tour. It was just four of us and Markus, our own personal tour guide, who was also our driver and interpreter.We headed off toward Potsdam, Berlin, Dresden, Munich, Bavaria and the Bavarian Alps. We crossed over into Austria for photos, then headed down along the Swiss border by Lake Constance, through the Black Forest, up the French border, crossing over into a small village and finished in the thousand year old small city of Speyer on the Rhine River. Along the way we visited a number of small villages, craft markets, castles, cathedrals, Germany's highest waterfall and had the benefit of local guides in Berlin and Munich who had a thorough knowledge of their respective city and were able to provide us with historical details and insights. We took hundreds of pictures, and Markus was always more than willing to stop along the way for a photo op. We stayed in small locally owned bed and breakfast-like hotels that served outstanding buffet breakfasts and ate in quiet German restaurants where we were the only tourists. But here is and was the best part about traveling with Markus. While we had a travel itinerary, it was always subject to our change or Markus' thoughtful suggestions. If we decided we didn't want to go somewhere or we wanted to see something that wasn't on our itinerary or that the weather was such that it was prudent to change up the schedule to capitalize on good weather, as was the case when we went to the Alps, then we were free to do so. This would not be the case in a one-trip-fits-all tour on a bus with 60 or so others. Markus became like a member of our family. He speaks perfect English and has a great sense of humor. If you are thinking about touring Germany, we cannot more highly recommend Markus and Viatorius Tours of Germany.
Karen and Fred Parsells,Keene, New Hampshire             


Dear Markus,
Thank you for a more than perfect tour of your beautiful country. Everything was so much more than I expected. It was a well- planned tour and everything went so smoothly.
Seeing Germany would not have been nearly as fun without you as our driver.
Thank you for all your attention to details and for a trip I will never forget.

Customized, private performed tour with two guests from the US; 14 days Germany & Austria



Really everything was good. We liked all the hotels. The one in Rothenburg was particularly good -- huge rooms, easy walking distance to everything, modern elevators, pleasant staff. Fussen was good, though some rooms were renovated and some weren't. (we always got the renovated rooms; we took some flack from our family for that, like we planned it that way. :-) ) Munich was excellent.

The Italian restaurant in Fussen that you recommended was some of the most delicious Italian food we've ever had. Thanks for that recommendation. And the flammkuchen in Rothenburg was unbelievable. I'm still trying to find a recipe for that!

The tour guides were all very knowledgeable, spoke perfect English, and really enhanced our trip. Simone in Munich was very interesting and without that tour, we certainly would not have appreciated that city. (The tour may have been an hour too long for most people, especially since it was a very hot day, but we liked it.) The Salzburg tour was perfect. Same with Rothenburg.

I think I mentioned it before, but Slavo was really great. He pointed out all sorts of interesting tidbits, and maneuvered the bus expertly. 

We continue to reflect fondly on our trip.

All the best!

A family trip with guests from the USA           
Customized Germany/ Austria tour


Dear Markus!
We really enjoyed our Germany trip, and loved the town of Rothenburg.  It was a pleasure meeting you, and we all enjoyed our trip with you!
We met so many nice people wherever we went, and you were one of them!!!  We would all love to return to Germany in the spring or summer sometime, and will certainly contact you if we do so.
Barbara, N.Y.                            


Thank you so much for all of your help with our German portion of our trip. It was truly magical
and memorable.
Rothenburg was darling and we did not want to leave Boppard at all. Strolling along the Rhine was just wonderful. And we did take the chair lift as you suggested and it was wonderful.The view was spectacular.
All in all we just had a grand time. I do and will recommend you to any one wanting a great journey. Your attention to detail helped so much. We felt we knew the town before we even arrived due to you.
When we were on a bus tour in France, Mary and I were thinking about how when we
were with you we could just stop and take a stroll, but on the bus we just kept going and missed so much.
You made Heidelberg and Speyer come alive for us. Wasn't dinner in Speyer so good, it was fun having the whole restaurant to ourselves. You know how to treat a guest.
Thank you so much for your tour, we look forward to the time we can get back to Germany.

You and your tour company are awesome!!!!

Tom and Mary Beth, USA